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Giving Back

Donations to Oak Grove Christian Academy are put towards our operating budget, providing support for core programs and inspiring students to strive for more. 

Venmo: @oakgroveedenton 

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Checks can be made out to Oak Grove Christian Academy and mailed to 131 Morristown Road, Edenton, NC 27932

We believe in the mission of helping families focus on faith, family relationships, and education in order to prepare our next generation to always look toward the Truth.  These first years will be financially hard as we will naturally have a lower student enrollment vs. the number of teachers needed for a wide span of grades. 

Only with the financial support of donors who share our vision to make a Christian education accessible to as many students as possible will this work.  The Lord has provided thus far, and we continue to trust Him at each turn to bring the necessary funds.

Donations will go towards helping families with the cost of tuition and towards our educators that teach our children every day.


Examples of the ways that the funds will be used:

  • $ 50  – Provides 4 chairs for an outdoor class

  • $ 90 - Provides an educational therapy session for a student

  • $ 100 - Provides supplies for a classroom

  • $ 270 – Provides a month's tuition for a student depending on the age

  • $ 800 – Provides for all of the fees for one student

  • $ 1,840 - Provides a month’s pay for a teacher

  • $ 2,700  - Provides for the tuition for a student for a full year   

  • $ 3,000 - Provides the curriculum for the whole school

  • $ 20,000 - Provides for a year’s pay for a teacher

You can give in your name, in dedication or memory of a person, or anonymous. We are a non-profit with tax-exempt status (501 c 3) and are eligible to receive tax-exempt donations.

Thank you!  If you would like to tour our facility, please call to schedule.

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