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We are completing the first year of our school with 27 students, several consistent volunteers, and dedicated teachers.  What an amazing journey this year has been.

Through this year, we are seeing a revolution in the way we partner with families and with children.

Our Passion:

We are a hybrid Christian academy discipling students to be independent critical thinkers, grounded in Christ who positively contribute to our society

Our Values:

Christ Centered

We commit to following Christ the King in all of our endeavors.  2 Peter 1:16

Excellence in Education

We are rooted in Excellence & Balance of the whole person. Col 2:7


We commit to cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit (godly character) 2 Peter 3:18, Gal 5:2

Personal Responsibility

We commit to being Responsible for our Actions.

Our Focus:


A balance of in-school & home school education

A balance of the whole child with awareness of the developmental, spiritual, physical, academic and character components.

Meeting Each Child Where They Are

Individually tailored, mastery-based education with a low teacher / student ratios.

Christ-Centered Leadership & Character Development

Targeted, needs-based Christian character development with celebration of individual progress.

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